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Marketing Course

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Become an Marketing Automation Expert. Master Marketing Automation tools and strategies





Practical Assignments


Comprehensive Assessments​


PDUs(In A Day)


  • Self- Paced Learning with
    Lifetime Access
  • 35 hours of self-paced learning
  • 11 practical assignments spanning 5.5 hours for in-depth learning
  • 8 Hours of comprehensive assessments
  • 35 hours of self-paced learning
  • Experience 8 hours of live sessions
  • 11 practical assignments spanning 5.5 hours for in-depth learning
  • 8 Hours of comprehensive assessments
  • Level up your team’s skills to meet demands
  • Future-proof your resources to changing market needs
  • Customized learning solutions for teams
  • Customized learning plans for effective outcomes

Benefits of learning Marketing Automation

We all love marketing. It’s an essential function within any business.

But it’s just one piece of the puzzle. To succeed with any startup, more business disciplines need to be developed.

We’re talking about skillsets including business modeling, strategic planning, cash flow management, team building, culture development, and fundraising—just to name a few. Such business development disciplines aren’t nearly as glamorous as social media or influencer marketing, though they possess an inward beauty all their own. More importantly, they prove time and again to be the real make-or-break dynamics in any business that aspires to find stability, operate sustainably, and scale responsibly.

We’re excited to explore these subjects as a major new branch in our educational content. There’s a lot of ground to cover. We’ll traverse these topics across our in-depth guides, online courses, podcast shows, and more.

This page exists to serve as basecamp for all things business development here at SPI. Below, you’ll find:

What you will learn

Most of the existing courses in Marketing Automation focus on tools. If you do a Google search you would be presented with mostly Udemy, Marketo, HubSpot and other company courses which are more promotion of their tools and how to implement the Marketing Automation using their tool.

This could be a very limited approach as everything evolves around a particular tools and features.

In our course, the focus is mainly on making you understand how Marketing Automation works in itself and then which tool suits the Marketing Automation need. The tool becomes secondary but a very important aspect of learning.

I would also take you through OpenSource Marketing Automation tool like Mautic. I have done good number of projects in this tool apart from getting experienced and getting certified in other tools.


Key Take aways

The course is designed for your career benefit, it will help you decide what step to take after you are done with the course.

  1. What is Marketing Automation and what is the future of Marketing Automation as a Career choice

  2. Which Certification is more promising

  3. What is the most paying certification in Marketing Automation

  4. Get introduced to various Marketing Automation Tools and their importance in the industry

What this course is not

  1. This course is not a certification preparation for any certification body.

  2. This course is not going to introduce you to any specific tool but to various tools at one go

About The Instructor

  • 17 Years in the field of Digital Marketing
  • Certified Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Salesforce Pardot Specialist
  • HubSpot Sales Partner and Mautic Developer
  • Trained Corporates and Government establishment
  • Empanelled with TATA Institute of Social Sciences


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